NAB: are vendors’ heads in the cloud(s)?

What happened at NAB? Is the industry moving forward again?

Although it’s early days…the show is still winding down, after all…it is perhaps not too soon to start trying to analyse what it all meant.  Despite the fact that there seem to be some epic hangovers being nursed by many delegates, the MAC team in Las Vegas are still clearheaded enough to give their initial impressions.

It certainly seems to have been extremely busy show, with the mood being positive and upbeat although with a note of caution born of experience. We saw big crowds on the big stands…but SME suppliers seemed to be finding it harder to attract a lot of footfall.

In terms of hot topics, our impression is that 3-D has not been as dominant as expected in view of the hype at previous shows; content monetisation, interoperability, the Cloud and the  ”W Word”…workflow… were all getting a lot of attention.

And talking of Heads in Clouds, while vendors have been pretty upbeat about prospects, are they getting excited about things which interest only some of their core customers…the broadcasters?

Here’s a characteristically insightful Vegas viewpoint from Broadcast Engineering’s Mike Grotticelli

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Adrian Scott is a MAC associate having had a long career in broadcasting and broadcast technology; he specializes in Market Research and Marketing Communications.

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