Apple Reinvents Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X

Following our previous posts about how Apple might have mis-judged the market around its introduction of Final Cut X, it appears that they have their listening ears on.

Apple announced Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3, an update that should close the gap on key features previously found in FCP7 but still missing in FCPX, notably multicam editing and video out support for broadcast video monitoring, both promised last September.

It’s good to see that they are listening to the user community. However, it’s worth noting that most Final Cut Pro users, including myself, are working on MAC G5 platforms. Many of these will not support Apple’s 10.6, or Lion operating system which means that they cannot upgrade to Final Cut-X without buying new hardware. And that, after all, is what Apple wants – hardware sales.

I cannot fault their business logic, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons they have more cash than South America. It still sticks in the throat of lots of small production and post companies who have to shell out and sell their old Power PC-based G5’s on eBay though (you should see how many G5’s are listed on eBay at the moment!).

Has this opened the door for Apple’s competitors? Well I would say that it was already open, but is now swinging wide. Many of the broadcasters I speak with are now very nervous about including Final Cut on their future technology roadmap. And this is a potential blow for Apple in the broadcast market. However, one could argue that they were never really that committed to broadcast. When a large UK broadcaster asked if Apple would make some changes to FCP in return for an order of 200 pieces, they were (allegedly) told that Apple sold more FCP than that through its London Oxford Street store in a week! How many DSLR users are there capturing video who need a way to edit with more sophistication than Windows Movie Maker or iMovie? Answer that question, and I suspect that we will understand why Apple did what it did with Final Cut.

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