What next for Avid?

Avid Technology is a company with a lot of meaning for all of us in MAC.  Graham Sharp, Adrian Scott and Jesper Rossing have worked for Avid in various roles; Tom Wragg and Ted Taylor have been important customers; one way or the other, Avid has been an important factor in all of our professional lives.

So we keep an eye on what is happening there.

In recent years, Avid, once such a dominant player, has tried everything in its power to right what is seemingly a permanently listing ship. Acquisitions, product re-positionings, management reshuffles, layoffs, new head office…they’ve tried it all.

But is it working? Chairman and CEO Gary Greenfield says his biggest challenge at the moment is educating the market about what Avid stands for. “Another Version In Development” is the old joke, but can Gary develop a new corporate strategy and raise Avid to greatness again? Or is he positioning Avid for a sell-off? And if so who would buy?

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