Five emerging IT trends…how will they affect the media sector?

There are a ton of blogs, posts, stories and releases these days which offer opinions about evolutionary trends in anything and  everything. We read lots of them, and while some are amusingly weird, others are truly thought provoking.

This one struck me today: a list of “Five New Technologies That Will Change Enterprise Computing” published on the website.

Now, while it’s normally stories about media and media technology that occupy our reading time,  we’ve recently been thinking a lot about how broadcasting and other forms of electronic content delivery are actually forms of “Enterprise Computing”…and what that means for the media technology sector.

So the “5 new technologies” article is actually pretty relevant to all of us concerned with media and e-content.

It made us think.

See if it does the same for you (Some other good stuff on the site as well)

Please feel free to come back here and tell us what you think…

6 observations about Change and TV – insight from Ved Sen

Ved has some very interesting things to say about predicting change in an era of uncertainty.

Non-British (or non-soccer-savvy) readers may not follow all his allusions fully…but we’re sure they’ll get the point!

Read the full article here

Anthony Flannery, Head of News and Current Affairs, TVNZ

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Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Lou Gerstner

Tells the story of the miraculous change in fortune at IBM in the 90’s when the management team realised they were getting commoditised off the planet and had to change the game. They created IBM Global Services and the rest is history.

A must read for any Manufacturer in the Broadcast and Media Industry – it’s happening guys!

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