Is Media’s recovery an “Indian Summer”?

Nothing like a hard dose of reality, administered by data.

This week  media advisory Oliver & Ohlbaum bombarded guests at a briefing event with facts and analysis that give a fascinating numerical snapshot of where media businesses stand in the digital age.

The top tip for media companies?  “Move to a multiplatform offering. People who need to get value from a one-price product -those days are over – all areas of media and internet will become multiplatform.”

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4 ways video is fundamentally changing

A view from the man responsible for Google’s monetization strategy.

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Inbound Marketing, Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah

Great book on getting found using Google, Social Media and Blogs. Another must read for all entrepreneurs.

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Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Lou Gerstner

Tells the story of the miraculous change in fortune at IBM in the 90’s when the management team realised they were getting commoditised off the planet and had to change the game. They created IBM Global Services and the rest is history.

A must read for any Manufacturer in the Broadcast and Media Industry – it’s happening guys!

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The Long Tail, Chris Anderson

A great book that uses the history of what happened to the Music Industry to illustrate why the future of business is selling less of more.

A great indication of what will happen to the Broadcast and Media industry.

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Interesting view of social media?

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