NAB: are vendors’ heads in the cloud(s)?

What happened at NAB? Is the industry moving forward again?

Although it’s early days…the show is still winding down, after all…it is perhaps not too soon to start trying to analyse what it all meant.  Despite the fact that there seem to be some epic hangovers being nursed by many delegates, the MAC team in Las Vegas are still clearheaded enough to give their initial impressions.

It certainly seems to have been extremely busy show, with the mood being positive and upbeat although with a note of caution born of experience. We saw big crowds on the big stands…but SME suppliers seemed to be finding it harder to attract a lot of footfall.

In terms of hot topics, our impression is that 3-D has not been as dominant as expected in view of the hype at previous shows; content monetisation, interoperability, the Cloud and the  ”W Word”…workflow… were all getting a lot of attention.

And talking of Heads in Clouds, while vendors have been pretty upbeat about prospects, are they getting excited about things which interest only some of their core customers…the broadcasters?

Here’s a characteristically insightful Vegas viewpoint from Broadcast Engineering’s Mike Grotticelli

The gloves are off in Las Vegas…Apple is throwing its weight about

There’s a fine row brewing in Las Vegas.

The “Supermeet” scheduled to take place in Bally’s on the Tuesday of NAB (although nothing to do with NAB itself), is organized by the FCPUG, which stands for the Final Cut Pro User Group…which nevertheless bills itself as “The World’s Largest Gathering of Final Cut Pro, Adobe and Avid Digital Storytellers.”

This is usually a broad-church kind of get together of editors and creative people, and indeed this year’s Supermeet was scheduled to be sponsored not just by Apple but by Avid, AJA, Canon, BlackMagic, Autodesk and various others, most of whom were going to make presentations at the event.

But not any more.

The organizers have reportedly informed everyone but Apple that their sponsorship and platform appearances are no longer required, since Apple are planning to use the event to announce the next version of Final Cut Pro and apparently “don’t want to share the platform with anyone.”

As you can imagine, this has set numerous cats among several flocks of pigeons.  Avid were going to present the Indie film-maker Kevin Smith (otherwise known as “Silent Bob”) at Supermeet, and are scrambling to find an alternative venue.

NAB themselves, who were never overjoyed in the first place at having such an opportunistic rival event in Las Vegas during the show, are trying to find other opportunities for the spurned sponsors.

Meanwhile everyone is agog to see what Apple  are going to say about the much-anticipated  new version of FCP.

Here’s the FCPUG Supermeet homepage…which seems to be changing hourly.  Here’s Avid’s take. And here’s the latest from Industry Blog ProVideo Coalition.

All very exciting!

By the way if you’d like to meet MAC at NAB, to talk about how our team of seasoned industry experts might be able to help you, mail us here. Whether you’re a broadcaster, a vendor or an investor, we’d love to get together. And have a good show!

Moore vs. Murphy…the NAB “conflict of the laws”

As we enter the annual NAB hysteria, delegates arriving in Vegas with projects in mind should remember that while Moore’s Law will doubtless give them some tempting new technologies to look at and admire, their purchasing decisions should be made with  another Law in mind…Murphy’s.

Here’s a very interesting article from Broadcast Engineering…