Move over “Content”…Content CURATION is the new King…

Last month’s “Mashable Connect” conference in Florida brought together a broad range of opinion leaders from the digital world. It wasn’t all about TV, but TV was never far from the discussions.

Some interesting trends were identified and debated, including the fact that as media converge the availability of content mushrooms….and just keeping track of it all means that do-it-yourself curation is one now one of the of the key issues.

Here’s more from the TV Genius blog…

More proof that traditional media are still going strong

This report is as much about print media as it is about broadcast, but it’s still very interesting on the subject of the supposed new/social media “takeover”

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Paid Content: Spotify’s UK boss on how to make it work

How to make money out of online content is a massive issue for all kinds of enterprise.  Some good pointers in this interview with Jon Mitchell, the UK Director of music streaming site Spotify:

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