3D solved! (Nudge nudge wink wink)

We’ve seen quite a few different technologies deployed to deliver 3D in the home…but this one is both incredibly ingenious and just a bit creepy…see what you think…

Why worry about Apple exiting pro video? It’s Avid that needs to be worried…

Philip Hodgetts is one of the more insightful commentators on the creative media technology scene.

Here’s his take on the Apple vs. Avid…we shouldn’t worry that Apple will withdraw FCP, he says…Avid is far more likely to exit the industry…

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The 5 most important television technology trends

“My life, and my career in modern broadcast engineering, is a mere blip on the radar screen of eternity.”

That philosophical statement comes from Craig Norris in a rather reflective article  in TV Technology in which he identifies what he sees as the five most important broadcast technological trends as we enter 2011.

It’s certainly worth a look...

What next for Avid?

Avid Technology is a company with a lot of meaning for all of us in MAC.  Graham Sharp, Adrian Scott and Jesper Rossing have worked for Avid in various roles; Tom Wragg and Ted Taylor have been important customers; one way or the other, Avid has been an important factor in all of our professional lives.

So we keep an eye on what is happening there.

In recent years, Avid, once such a dominant player, has tried everything in its power to right what is seemingly a permanently listing ship. Acquisitions, product re-positionings, management reshuffles, layoffs, new head office…they’ve tried it all.

But is it working? Chairman and CEO Gary Greenfield says his biggest challenge at the moment is educating the market about what Avid stands for. “Another Version In Development” is the old joke, but can Gary develop a new corporate strategy and raise Avid to greatness again? Or is he positioning Avid for a sell-off? And if so who would buy?

Read more here from Mike Grotticelli in Broadcasting Engineering…

Looking for a Project Manager who “gets” both Broadcast and IT

Does such a person exist? We hope so!

Working for a major international broadcast group, managing a significant software rollout.

Based in the UK but with European travel.

Immediate start, six month engagement.

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Sony showcases rollable screen

One of the more interesting technical developments of the moment is a fully rollable video screen…which can be rolled up while still operating.  Don’t  believe it?

See here…

Does anyone have time to watch TV any more?

Do you go to bed with a laptop? Do you spend hours looking for a wireless access point…when you are on  holiday with your family?

Future Minds: How the Digital Age Is Changing Our Minds, Why This Matters and What We Can Do About It, is a new book by Richard Watson which examines the modern phenomenon of being addicted to tech, from the Internet to the cell phone, and the effect it’s having on our brains–and our culture.

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