Newscorp profits slide overall but TV business is buoyant

Newscorp made a billion dollar profit in its Q3…but while that was an overall 15% slide over the same period last year, their star performer was television, with profits shooting up from $40m to $192m in the period.

Rupert Murdoch says the quadrupled contribution is down to a strong national advertising market, increased retransmission consent revenues, and popular programmes.

So who says TV is dying?

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Big surge in watching TV through “other channels”

New research is showing that an increasing number of US consumers are watching TV using alternative platforms such as a laptop, a mobile phone, a tablet or an OTT device.

This is yet more fuel for the debate about whether “new media” are a threat or an opportunity for traditional TV.

If it’s the case, as this research suggests, that the new devices are becoming additional delivery mechanisms for existing channels, then it must be an opportunity, since presumably the “new” viewers get the commercials along with the content and the TV business model still works.

It becomes a threat only when the new devices don’t just liberate consumers from the big screen and the couch, but encourage them to abandon TV altogether…

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So you think traditional TV is doomed?

Despite all the hype about the encroachment of new media, TV viewing in the USA is more than holding its own.  As reported in Broadcast Engineering, Nielsen says the average American is watching more TV than ever:  34 hours of TV per person, per week. They also reveal that Fox has overtaken CNN for the first time…

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