ACE – Added-value Customer Experience

The global recession really “disrupted” the lives of many companies in the broadcast and electronic media sector, none more so than manufacturers who, to be honest, had a rather easy time of it in 2007-8 and were suddenly faced with tumbling revenue and a far tougher business climate. Now that some kind of recovery seems to be underway, how should companies kick-start their business?

One very important answer to that question is to work really hard on the customer-facing parts of their business to make sure that they are, firstly,  getting every ounce of value out of their existing relationships; and secondly, rising to new challenges as the business climate moderates. .  A lot of this boils down to IMPROVING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

MAC has put together several programmes, all of them highly focused and affordable, designed to help companies assess their current performance and methods and galvanize their approach to the market.

One-day Customer Experience workshop

This is aimed at all customer-facing staff: sales, marketing, support. It starts with a short questionnaire designed to assess the current state of the customer experience you offer your clients, and based on the results,  moves on to focus on Information, Responsiveness, Communication, and a whole range of factors which are crucial to maintaining a high-level experience, sustaining and improving revenue, and achieving beneficial change to your methodologies in Sales, Marketing and Support. As a follow-up to the workshop we provide a full written report and recommendations.

Three-day Customer Satisfaction KPI course

Here we begin with a much more detailed survey of Customer Satisfaction KPIs, covering Sales, Marketing, Support, Product Management, Operations, R&D, Communications, Website, right down to phones and e-mail. We analyze “best practices” and look closely at CRM, ERP and other “back office” systems which can contribute to achieving and maintaining high levels of Customer Satisfaction.  We analyze “pain points” and brainstorm how they can be eliminated. This course is followed up by a detailed set of recommendations, including a Customer Satisfaction “playbook” and a set of suggested KPIs to ensure that performance is properly monitored over time.

Longer-term Programmes

For companies looking to explore a deeper set of strategies and actions in the Customer Satisfaction domain, we offer a variety of longer-term programmes, based around working with companies over time to achieve significant change. Firstly, we can offer highly specific market research and survey capabilities, which provide in-depth feedback from staff,  customers and the market as a whole, based either on leading-edge web-survey technology or phone-based polling. In this area we partner with the highly respected leader in the field CustomerSatisfactionUK.  In addition, MAC can offer specific advice on the implementation and management of CRM systems, and has a close relationship with several of the leaders in the field including and Astadia, a leading CRM consultancy.

All of these programmes are tailored to your precise requirements, and are aimed at achieving quick results.

To discuss dates and prices please contact us.