Digital Asset Management

DAM is an increasingly important technology for all broadcasters.

The old manual methods which served TV and Radio for so long…tape cassettes, library shelves, handwritten labels and shotlists, couriers on motorbikes…are all now ancient history, and have been replaced by digital media, tapeless working, and DAM.

It is now a business essential for a content company to know:

  • What they’ve got
  • Where it is
  • How much it cost to make/acquire
  • What are the rights conditions around it

They also need to be able to:

  • Understand who might like it, and more importantly, will pay to consume it
  • Find and retrieve it instantly using a range of criteria
  • Edit/process/format it almost as instantly for a range of delivery opportunities
  • Keep all the information about it up to date
  • Store it securely for the next time

All of that takes a lot of organizing:

  • The right kind of infrastructure to handle appropriate volumes of data
  • Equipment which interoperates with no nonsense about incompatible versions of the same standard
  • Well-thought-out strategies for metadata, tagging, indexing and storage
  • A logical and effective set of workflows and operational processes
  • People to use it all who are well-trained,   and know what they’re doing
  • The flexibility to modify it all on the fly when new opportunities arise

MAC knows about DAM and how to do it well.

We understand how to help a broadcaster ask (and also answer) the right questions. We have directed successful DAM projects for many broadcasters and have also worked for some of the leading DAM vendors.

If you are contemplating an Asset Management project in the media sector, contact us for a chat. We WILL be able to help.