Product Management and Product Marketing

How does a manufacturing company in the media sector know precisely what products to develop…and how to promote them?

In many enterprises, Product Management is seen as an Engineering function, and Product Marketing as PR…and moreover they are frequently treated as two  separate activities.

Our view is that they are intimately connected, and that they are both very largely about Communication and Interpretation.

The Communication is multidirectional: between the company and its external stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers), and internally within the company.

And the communication always  requires Interpretation: for example, how should customers’ business requirements …and the if youneeds of  individual users…be jointly interpreted into viable product development plans? In internal discussions, are engineers and salespeople really talking the same language? Is functionality being promoted to potential users in terms which they will really understand, which inspire their creativity and which make them want to buy?

Getting all of this right, in a way which genuinely enhances business performance, requires both experience and insight.

At MAC, we can offer not only the benefits of our own individual experience in leadership roles on both sides of the industry, but also our collective judgment on specific issues. We can offer an audit of a company’s development and promotional strategies; followed by a detailed plan on how to implement enhancements;  and conclude with a programme of workshops  to ensure that staff in all departments are not only engaged in the process but fully empowered.

If this sounds like something that could help your company achieve its full potential, then please contact us for a discussion.