Project Governance and Management

Technology projects in the media sector have never been exactly easy to run.
Nowadays, they can be nightmarishly difficult. The convergence between broadcast engineering and information technology has thrown up a whole host of new issues, from interoperability standards to workflow design to change management.
Media technology projects need to be meticulously planned and executed by people who have “been there and done that” in order to maximise the chances of success and mitigate the very considerable risks.
Media Asset Capital has developed a project governance methodology for the broadcasting and electronic media industry, which takes in everything from initial requirements planning, to procurement, to implementation, to future-proofing.
Based on deep industry knowledge, solid experience and an acute awareness of both success and failure factors in past projects, we can help protect your investment in the technology implementation process and make sure you get the right return.
If you have an upcoming project and  think we might be able to help, why not contact us for an entirely confidential (and no-strings-attached) discussion…