Sales and Marketing

Most of MAC’s Directors have held senior Sales,  Marketing or General Management roles with major broadcast manufacturers, including Avid, Panasonic, Omnibus, Autocue, Blue Order and Pro-Bel.

With such experience behind us, coupled with a deep understanding of the industry as a whole,  we are very well positioned to help companies who supply products and services to broadcasters and electronic media companies to increase their effectiveness…and business performance.

Our “mantra” for sales is simple:  FOCUS, TARGET and MEASURE.

FOCUS: Do you know exactly what you are selling? Do you understand in detail what the market really wants and needs, and is your product development and management process effective, responsive, and robust? Are your development, marketing and sales people really communicating and co-operating? Is everyone in your company pulling on the same piece of rope?

TARGET: Are you addressing the right market, in the right way? Is your communication clear and effective, and is your messaging reaching the right people?  Are you using the right communication channels? Is your website generating enough leads? Do you Tweet effectively and are you a presence on Linked In and Facebook?

MEASURE: Can you really tell how effective your sales and marketing activities are?  Do you know precisely what your ROI is on, for example, trade shows like IBC and NAB?  Do your website, your CRM system, and your email marketing all work seamlessly together to create a flow of new leads and opportunities?

If your answer to ANY of the questions above is NO, then contact us….because WE CAN HELP.