Strategy Consulting

Life is very complicated these days for people running businesses in the media sector.
Broadcasters and content companies must cope with wholesale changes in their business models, forced by new technology and the revolution  in consumer behaviour, and by the necessity to find agile new ways to monetise their content. One massive challenge they face is to buy the technology they really need, and not that which vendors want to sell to them
Meanwhile manufacturers and service providers whose customers are broadcasters and media companies must make absolutely sure that they are developing the right products and are marketing, selling and delivering them in the most effective and profitable way.
Finally investors, banks and other financial stakeholders who have an interest in the media sector must be sure that they are putting their money in the right places.
When making critical strategy decisions, business leaders in all of the above categories can immensely benefit from advice which is entirely independent, based on solid experience but taking account of the latest trends, and offered by people with top-level contacts in every part of the industry.
Media Asset Capital offers exactly that kind of consultancy. We are quick to grasp the nature of the problems and issues faced by senior managers…we have faced them ourselves. We know how to find out exactly the right information to inform the decision-making process, whether by classic market research using the latest web-based survey software, or simply by picking up the phone and calling someone we know.
If you’ve got a strategy headache, we can probably provide you with the right kind of aspirin!
If you think we might be able to help, why not contact us for an entirely confidential discussion…